Men’s Trends in 2015 2016

Photo by Darya Orlova Maybe we’re oversimplifying a bit, but it seems like men’s trends went one of two ways in 2015: wild and free, or tight and trimmed. Man bun or undercut—the mystifying dilemma for men in 2015. Men’s business was booming this year, and there was no shortage of new products, creative styles […]

12 Tips to Make a Brazilian Wax Less Painful

Only the bravest of souls willingly choose to go for a Brazilian wax. It’s not exactly a “fun” time, but afterwards, you’re ready for bikini season for weeks on end. Whether it’s your first time (though we’d recommend starting off with a regular bikini wax before graduating to the Brazilian) or you’ve been waxing for […]


Are you keeping your hair short simply because you are afraid of the “growing out” process? It doesn’t have to be all bad and awkward “in between” looks. Yes, you can look good while working toward longer strands. Here are a few tips to make the journey easier… PATIENCE! I know, you want it long […]

Stylist Choice Award

Now Announcing BTC’s 2014 Stylist Choice Awards Finalists The votes have been tallied. After months of voting for your favorite hair and styling products, haircolor, tools, platform artists, education, and company of the year, BTC members have chosen their top finalists for the 14th Annual Stylist Choice Awards! Given the market has been heating up with so many […]

How to revive your hair

  Many of us want nothing more than long, healthy hair, which is why it’s so frustrating when it just refuses to grow! Even more annoying, though, is that it stays the same length, and yet we still see our roots emerge when it’s time to color our hair. Our hair may be growing, but […]

current haircuts for men

current haircuts for men 2014. Most of the latest men’s hairstyle trends have vintage roots with a modern twist. There so many different combinations of slick hair, undercuts, and fades that create a range of unique looks. Check out these pictures for 10 of the latest hairstyles for men 2014 fresh from barbershops across Instagram. If you like […]