Are you keeping your hair short simply because you are afraid of the “growing out” process? It doesn’t have to be all bad and awkward “in between” looks. Yes, you can look good while working toward longer strands. Here are a few tips to make the journey easier…

PATIENCE! I know, you want it long NOW. It depends on the person, but the average individual’s hair grows roughly ½ inch per month. Six inches a year. Taking that into consideration, have patience…you will get that long pony-tail back again.

hair by Katie Ballard


Eat well! Yes, diet matters whenever we are taking about healthy hair and skin. Talk to your doctor before diving into the world of supplements. But, order the veggies and salmon more, and the burgers and fries less. Drink lots of water. Believe it or not, your hair can suffer from dehydration too.

hair by Kristy Kelly Jarvis


Keep trimming your hair! But wait, you want to grow it, not cut it! However, regular trims will help combat split ends and actually help you to grow it faster. Healthy hair is important when growing it out. Avoiding trims for a year will only lead to more split ends, and you’ll end up needing to cut more to make it look healthy and pretty later. Talk to your stylist and find out how often they recommend a trim considering the length you want to get to.

hair by Len Rawlings


Yes, you can look pretty throughout the process! There are so many cute cuts. Trust us, there’s a fantastic cut for every length. You can grow it out while exploring different cuts and shapes through the journey. Your stylist should have great recommendations to battle the transition. Growing your hair out can be fun. Think of all the cool styles and cuts you can try along the way. Whatever the length, you can always have beautiful hair!