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Perfect lip makeup for the holidays! Cameo’s Salon Ocala

Get the Perfect RED LIP for the holidays! First, apply Sorme’s Smearproof Lipliner in True Red. Next, apply our Perfect Performance Lip Color in Glamour Red and blend using Sorme’s tapered lip brush. For an extra pop, throw on some Clear Lip Thick! Tip: Before applying any color to lips, you can apply Sorme’s Undershadow […]

Smoky Eyes Makeup Application Cameo’s Salon Ocala

GET THE LOOK GET THE LOOK 1. Begin applying Sorme’s Silver Lining on the eyelid. 2. Take the black color of the Sorme’s Eyeshadow Single, Night Sky, and start applying it from the outside corner of the eye. 3. Apply the white color on the eyebrow bone as a marker to create the illusion of […]