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A RevitaLash Collection
for Fine & Thinning Hair

Welcome ReGenesis™ Hair Enhancing System — a groundbreaking, results-oriented collection of products specializing in the unique needs of fine and thinning hair.

ReGenesis incorporates the finely-calibrated, proprietary technology trusted by millions worldwide for lash and brow enhancement and beautification into a complete system designed for hair. Combining the beautification benefits of plant extracts and scientifically-advanced cosmetic ingredients rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins, lipids, proteins, and conditioning agents, the products help intensify the natural volume of hair while tending to the needs of a healthy scalp.

As a system of complimentary products, ReGenesis collectively addresses thinning, breakage and brittleness to promote the look of thicker, fuller-bodied hair and a well-nourished, balanced scalp environment.


ReGenesis Beauty Reborn

Core Volumizing

Game changers for fine and thinning hair and the heart of the ReGenesis Hair Enhancing System, these two advanced formulas feature proprietary BioPeptin Complex® and are designed to enhance beauty, texture and strength.

Available in two distinct, easy-to-use formats,
these products are for daily use and are ideal for both men and women.

ReGenesis Micro-Targeting Spray and Fast-Absorbing Foam


More than simply a way to cleanse and condition hair, these unique thickening and scalp therapy formulas feature specialized anti-oxidant and cleansing ingredients to optimize scalp health, and strengthening and conditioning ingredients to fortify hair.

For daily use or as needed to
cleanse and care for hair.

ReGenesis Shampoo and Conditioner


As part of a complete system, these two specialized products target specific hair thinning, breakage and brittleness concerns.

Detox Hair and Scalp Masque is ideal as a weekly treatment to rejuvenate scalp and hair, featuring Belarus Bioactive Silt to help lift impurities.

Spot Serum provides on-the-go defense against breakage with Loquat Leaf, Flax Protein and Biotin to target trouble zones like hairline and hair part.

ReGenesis Detox Hair and Scalp Masque and Spot Serum Anti-Breakage

RevitaLash Science and Performance
RevitaLash® Cosmetics debuted in 2006 and has since built its extraordinary reputation in helping to improve the dramatic beauty of eyelashes and eyebrows. Through the worldwide success of its flagship products, the premier cosmetic range has helped millions realize the beauty potential of conditioning and caring for lashes and brows. The introduction of the ReGenesis™ Hair Enhancing System now expands the reach of RevitaLash Cosmetics’ groundbreaking science to hair care to further benefit men and women.