If you are reading this than you just had a beautiful new set of extensions done here at Came’s Salon & Spa! Congratulations! In order to get the maximum life out of them please read this brief aftercare guide. If you have any questions or concerns please give us call at the salon 352-479.9999.

To allow the bonds to set properly and the hair and scalp to settle, do not wash your hair for 48-72 hours after fitting. This is important as water or product that gets inside the unset bond will cause it to loosen and fall out.

As like anything new the extensions are firmly fitted to your hair and the first 3 days they may feel a little tender on your scalp and tender while sleeping, this is normal and will settle after 3-5 days. If after this time any of the bonds are causing discomfort, inform your extensionist and removal of the irritating bond can be a solution.

Wash your hair extensions once or twice a week. If you need to wash the top of your hair (crown and frontal area) more regularly, this can be done each day. As the extension hair is cut from source there is no nutrients or natural oils to keep it healthy and nourished like your own hair, so over washing and styling can have a drying effect on the hair overtime. It is key to note however that styling techniques will last longer in extension hair than in natural hair so once or twice a week to wash shouldn’t present a problem.

When washing, always have your head up. NEVER wash extensions upside down as this will cause the bonds to knot and the hair to tangle.

Moisturising Extensions,everyday or every 2 days is important. The extensions do not receive your natural scalp oils and so you need to have moisture added so spray in a small amount of leave in conditioner on mid lengths and ends, not the bonds. This will prevent the hair becoming brittle, leading to split and ratty ends.

Always use a good clarifying shampoo and conditioner. We do not recommend using cheap, supermarket shelf products as they contain harsh chemicals that can dry and strip the hair.

Always Brush out all knots before you wash your hair, swim or sleep. Start at the bottom and work your way up slowly using your hair extension brush.

Make sure you wash in between the bonds to keep your scalp clean and free from bacteria. Gentle movements around the bonds and working from scalp to root should clean the hair sufficiently without causing damage or tangles

When applying conditioner, be careful not to place on the bonds. Apply to your natural hair, skip the bonds and then apply to the mid length and ends. Gently massage into hair and leave for a few minutes to penetrate. Some people like to take a large comb detangle brush and brush conditioner through the mid length and ends very gently to smooth them out

Using a serum, oil or leave in conditioner is fine, just don’t use too much product and only apply to lengths and ends, never the bonds.

Try use a good heat protection spray when blow drying, using straighteners, tongs or heated rollers. This will prevent your hair from drying out under the heat.

Always blow-dry your extensions. We recommend you never leave them to dry naturally particularly the bonds. Blast dry your hair to get the heavy wetness out. Section your hair and blow-dry root to tip using a good hairdryer and brush. Your hair will always dry smooth and silky. From there you may style as desired using straighteners, wands, tongs and rollers, whatever you prefer.

Always tie your hair back at night using a soft scrunchie or plat them to the side or behind, this will keep them tangle free during the night.

We recommend that you use a good extension brush so as not to catch your bonds when brushing. A looped brush is proffered by many but there are other brushes that work well too, ask your extenionist for advice on same, we sell these as an aftercare optional product.

If sunbathing wear a hat or head scarf so that the sun does not dry out your extensions. This also applies to sun bed usage.

When swimming we advise wearing a swimming hat to protect your hair from the chlorine and salt elements.

When training, exercising or exerting your body temperature, tie your hair up and use a headband to prevent your hair tangling or knotting in the heat and during movement.

Maintenance by your extensionist is very important. We recommend that you book a 6-10 week appointment after your fitting, in order for your extensionists to check, fix and maintain the bonds, replace any that may need it.

Hair extensions must be removed by a professional, trained hair extensionist. How long they last varies from client to client and depends on how well they are looked after. Clients that look after their extensions can enjoy 6 months before having them removed. Leaving them in for any longer no matter how well you look after them is not advised as it puts the natural hair under strain from the root.

Don’t brush harshly and tug hair extensions as it can loosen and damage the connection which holds them to your scalp.

Hair extensions are a way of life for many women today, so taking care of them is just another little part of your daily routine. Have fun, enjoy them and stay gorgeous!