Ocala Brazilian Blowout




Through the use of innovative and breakthrough bonding technologies, these treatments actually improve the health and condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle.The end result is smooth, healthy, frizz-free hair with radiant shine!
What makes our professional smoothing treatments different?

They are the ONLY Professional Smoothing Treatments that actually improves the health of the hair. No Damage!

Entire in-salon treatment is completed in just 90 minutes!

No down time! The minute you leave the salon, you can wash and air dry your hair, workout, put your hair in a ponytail or clip and it will be smooth, frizz-free and radiant!

Results last up to 12 weeks.

Leaves hair smooth, shiny, and frizz-free!

Açai aftercare products ensure longest lasting results.



Brazilian keratin treatment and hair coloring

If you color your hair, you can color immediately before a Brazilian keratin treatment without damaging your hair or reducing the efficiency of your color or straightening treatment. Wait at least three weeks after your Brazilian keratin treatment before hair coloring.

Brazilian Keratin Treatment post-period

Keep away from getting your hair wet for three days after Brazilian keratin treatment. That means no washing, swimming, and sweating, and stay out of the rain. Do not wash the hair for at least three days. You need to give the hair time to blend with the keratin.

Leave your hair down and plain for the first few days after Brazilian keratin treatment. The keratin is still malleable, so if you put your hair in a tail or use a hair clip, it can leave dents in your hair. If you want to tie your hair up, wait until the keratin has been on the hair for at least three days, and then use a soft hair tie for short intervals of time.

You are not allowed to use any hair products during this time and if your hair does become twisted you need to use a flat iron to smooth it out.

Styling after the treatment

Blow-dry your hair after washing, but avoid using hair products after the first shampoo.

You don’t need root lifting sprays, mousse, hair spray or gels to design your hair after Brazilian keratin treatment. The protein mass will hold your hair in the right style without the need for products and exaggerated use of products could make your hair look dull and dirty. Instead, blow dry and run a flat iron over the hair to manage your strands into the right style to extend the length of your Brazilian keratin treatment.

After treatment precautions

It is also a good idea to wash hair less often to maintain the look longer because the results wash out gradually. For maximum longevity, it is recommended to use a shampoo that does not contain Sodium Chloride and use a product with UV protection. Be wary of exposing your hair to high levels of chlorine or salt water and cover up your hair during interval of high UV levels as these factors will reduce the life span of the treatment.

Wear a cap during swimming. The salt from the ocean and chlorine from swimming pools can wash out your Brazilian keratin treatment. If you won’t wear a cap, take a shower before you go swimming and soak your hair and comb in conditioner. The water will help fill your porous strands to avoid chemical absorption, while the conditioner will help add a level of protection.

After-keratin hair care products

To maintain results, select a shampoo that is specially developed for keratin aftercare. The shampoo will complement the Brazilian keratin treatment and the results will last longer. Buy a shampoo and conditioning set that is sodium free.

Nighttime Care

Sleep on a silk pillowcase at night. Traditional cotton pillowcases can create discord in your hair, making your treatment frizzy and short-lived. Silk creates very little irritation, which means a longer-lasting keratin protein treatment. By sleeping on a silky pad, you’ll avoid roughing the hair strands while you toss and turn at night, resulting in glossy locks even after a night of sleep.

Brazilian keratin treatment reapplication

On average, Brazilian Keratin should last about three months. After that, your hair will return to its normal state, but it should be healthier and softer because of the conditioning impact of the keratin. Once the effects of the Brazilian Keratin treatment have worn off then you are free to have the treatment applied all over again. The repetition of the process on your hair tends to enhance the quality every time you get it done. The procedure will be done in the same way as it was previously.