Easy hair styles for date night

Easy hair styles for date night

Date night hair options! We thought you would these useful quick easy and timeless hair for your special night out. As always feel free to ask your stylist for input when youre here. We are more than happy to give you ideas and show you how to get the look youre interested in.

It’s so fun to get a little dressed up and head to a new place (or an old favorite). Sometimes changing up the little details is a great way to keep the butterflies and the spark alive—even if it’s just a new outfit or hairstyle for the occasion. Here are a few different styles to try for your next date night…

If you’re shorting a medium-length bob, go for some casual waves and a red lip!

A messy bun with a headband is a great no-fuss look that would be perfect for a low-key date night. If you have medium-length hair or shorter, wearing a headwrap is a great way to have fun with your shorter length.

While I usually want to get a little glammed up for date night, my partner has actually voiced that he loves my naturally wavy hair and prefers minimal makeup. While I certainly love to sport a red lip and a fun braided style, I save those looks for another time. Try some beachy waves for a fun summer date night—the effortlessly sexy style is perfect for a night out this summer.

And if you’d like to add a little more volume to your hair, switch up your part and keep it in place with a fun bobbi pin. The added color/sparkle of the pin is perfect for a fun night out.

Using bobbi pins and clips to make a statement is a great option for a date night to the opera, gallery opening or even a concert. Emma Watson is a huge fan of hair accessories—I love this tutorial of the style she sported at the Madrid premiere of Noah.

If you’re loving braided hairstyles but a bit of a newbie when it comes to braids, this romantic braid tutorial is a great place to start! If you’re headed out for a summer date night outdoors, this twist on theclassic ponytail is a great way to switch things up and still keep cool.

If you have longer hair and you’re looking to add a little more volume, simply twist small sections of hair around your face and cross them over in the back, securing the strands with a bobbi pin. And if you’re wanting just a smooth, simple blowout, here’s a great tutorial on how to achieve the blowout look at home!

Going for a deep side part is a great way to mix things up and add some volume. After you’ve set your part, gather the hair and place it over your shoulder. Spraying a light hairspray to set the part will do the trick.

Another fun option is curling your hair and gently brushing out the curls once they’ve set. The old-glamour style is so gorgeous!

Twisting a ponytail and braiding smaller pieces to tuck in can be a great low-maintenance way to switch things up for a summer date night. I personally like to keep my hair off of my neck so I won’t be fidgeting and resetting my style—I’d much prefer to enjoy the evening out!

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