Bangs ? What are the right ones for you?

Mandy Moore with a hair style with choppy bangs style

Here is how to select the right bangs

Bangs, or as the Brits call them . . . fringe were pretty simple cuts when I was growing up. We either had bangs or we didn’t, if we did, they were blunt cut straight across. Today bangs stylehave almost become a specialty of the hair styling industry the variety of types and styles grows every year, now we even have clip-in fringe extensions and faux fringe. The variety and choices are many so we thought it time to make some sense of it all.

Choppy Bangs

In the picture above Mandy Moore shows off this version of the short fringe proves how versatile it can be. The strong line is left behind for a wispy, irregular look that softens facial features and can be finger-styled right into place. Because lengths are blended to the side, they grow out with ease.

WHO CAN WEAR THEM: Adjusted for length, they suit anyone who wants to get a bang out of their look.

Soft and Sexy Wispy Bangs Style


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Soft and Sexy Bangs

Long, full and wispy bangs is the way to go if you have fine, straight hair. Long layers that blend right into bangs add volume and movement. To work it, mist on spray gel, blow dry the roots first, then direct edges with a flat brush. All end points to lips and eyes.

WHO CAN WEAR THEM: If you have an oval face shape, give them a try; avoid them if you have an oblong face shape.

Hair style with strongly angled bangs style

Strongly Angled Bangs

Show off your sweet side with a long, asymmetrical fringe and soft sideburns that combine to create face-framing angles. The key to the look is avoiding harsh geometric lines and working with natural curves. Quick round-bush styling keeps things in shape.

WHO CAN WEAR THEM: They’re best paired oval or proportional face shape.

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Hair style with graduated bangs style or fringe

Graduated Bangs

Outgoing personali­ties who want an edgier look will love this full-on fringe which blends to a graduated shape. Styled to bend up at the ends, it flows right into flicked-up ends at the sides. Best yet, this fringe can be side-parted or brushed back to act as a subtle bangs style or none at all!

WHO CAN WEAR THEM: Thanks to its convertibility, anyone who likes a sassy short shape can wear it.

Hair style with razor cut bangs style or fringe

Razor-Cut Bangs

Long, razor-cut fringes are great for straight hair, but wrong for curl, which won’t be controlled well with a razor. The fringe can be paired with any soft style like this wispy mid-length shape. Color dimension brings those bangs alive!

WHO CAN WEAR THEM: You need a normal to broad forehead; skip them if your forehead is on the small side.

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Hair style with razor cut bangs or fringe

Circular Bangs

One fringe that works with short or long hair is curve-cut to showcase well-shaped brows and beautiful eyes. The shorter fringe even creates a youthful illusion because  it draws the viewer’s eye upward. If you like the look, commit to trim every 4 to 6 weeks.

WHO CAN WEAR THEM: Almost anyone except those with round faces.

Short bob hair style with blunt bangs style or fringe

Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs look more than accidental when they’re worn one of two ways: intentionally short or ultra-long. An above-the-brow length and blunt edges allow them to create a perfect frame for the face when they don’t blend with the sides.

WHO CAN WEAR THEM: if you like a fringe, but don’t need to completely camouflage a broad forehead, go for it.

A hair style with brow length bangs style or fringe

Eyebrow Length Bangs

Sultry, lash-tickling bangs works beautifully with long hair, which puts them in proportion. Add longer sections that stand out against the layered, face-framing sides and you have a whole design going. Why not incor­porate highlights and lowlights, which make different lengths stand out even more?

WHO CAN WEAR THEM: If your face is propor­tional enough not to look dragged down by long hair, this fringe is a good bet.

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Crop hair style with asymmetrical bangs style or fringe

Asymmetrical Bangs

Some haircuts are based on the bangs style. Case-in-point: this asymmetrical crop that’s buzzed in back and tapered around the ears. Long lengths on top are styled for volume at the crown and flicked up at the front ends. Pure platinum makes the style feminine and fashion forward.

WHO CAN WEAR THEM: They’re good for camouflaging the forehead, but don’t work if you have a square jaw line.

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